inaflash Design Factory was founded in 2004 to serve as a dedicated signage supplier to the hospitality industry, supplying hotels, restaurants, night clubs and resorts with promotional signage. Servicing the hospitality industry is challenging and rewarding and we have gained vast knowledge and expertise of meeting deadlines and exceeding our customer’s expectations.
As we grew our customer base we began to notice that many of our customers had various business interests and would enlist us for their other business signage needs. inaflash Design Factory soon realized that the market demands were calling for our expansion into the full retail spectrum. Being a “to the trade” supplier we faced a dilemma, we didn’t have the traditional store front as our initial business was formed thru the internet and salesman driven and our production is done in the warehouse style setting not exactly suitable for retail traffic.

Being sign guys we are known for being very creative, so we explored the options and looked at the many retail store fronts available and came to one conclusion; too high of overhead! So here is the creative spin we put into play, we decide to co-op and share storefront space through other existing like-minded shop keepers. What this means to you is greater value for your signage needs. Our lower overhead savings are past along directly to you, we guarantee you a minimum 20% savings off any quote you may currently have. Shop and compare we’ll beat em’ all!

Today we still operate our hospitality division as always but now you can visit our co-op store fronts in the Lehigh Valley. Locations are listed below as well as on our home page, or if you prefer call us direct and we’ll come to you with the best personalized service available. inaflash Design Factory will continue providing customers with exceptional customer service and turnaround times. The future of inaflash Design Factory looks bright as we continue to work hard and establish long lasting relationships with our customers.